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With continuous investment in the latest technology, Cober will increase their overall capacity by 4 times, representing both a commitment to their customers and growth in the book binding space.

What is the Automated Perfect Binding System?

The three main components of the Automated Perfecting Binding System will include the; InfiniTrim: Three Knife Trimmer, Vareo Perfect Binder & the VBA automated End Sheet Tipper. Each component adding extreme value to how efficiently books are produced and the professional quality of their finish.

Systems Benefits

With the Vareo soft & hard cover one line continuous perfect binder it allows for full variability of different sizes, stocks & volumes. With the addition of the in line VBA automated end sheet tipper, it can be set up in both in line with Vareo or near line. Each book block is registered with a barcode and all known book blocks like thread sewn through to a glued sheet stack can be processed efficiently.

The InfiniTrim three knife trimmer can produce up to the 2000 books per hour in edition mode & single book mode. With the Smart Press technology and stable knife guidance this top quality equipment can allow for in slant swing cuts with optimal chip extraction. This system requires no set up for the cutting table and exchanging the pressing pad in the event of any size changes to spine length or block width will save Cober immense time in finishing each job.

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