With deep family roots and over
100+ years of experience, Cober is one of
Canada's premier print manufacturers.

Evolving together with our clients, through
collaboration, empathy, innovation and sustainability.

Our relationship with our clients, employees
and community are of premier importance.


Cober isn’t just a business partner,
we’re your business partner.
And we’re dedicated to making
sure we evolve together.

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With 100 years experience in business, Cober has developed strong partnerships with clients and earned recognition as a leader in the print industry. We deliver effective content through print, digital, interactive and integrated services that focus on strategy and metrics. The core of our business has been founded professionally in the print industry for the past century.

During this time, we have grown adept in our ability to produce high quality, award winning content and materials that are now recognized as essential parts of our clients businesses. As an industry leader in marketing, print and technology innovation, we specialize in creating and delivering effective brand marketing and communication services for reputable brands across Canada and the United States.

Over the last 100 years, Cober has gained experience, in-depth knowledge and relationships with clients brands, which led us to expand our service base. Through growth, acquisition and training, Cober has become an integral strategic partner with a vast array of consulting and support services. Let us help you engage your audience and effectively connect you with your customers.


Less of a jack of all trades, and more
so, a business’ swiss army knife.

Cober has innovative and flexible services
for all of your business needs.

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