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From strategy to deployment, Cober is a powerhouse partner when it comes to marketing. Offering integrated marketing solutions, Cober communicates a brand’s message consistently across all traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, using different promotional strategies to reinforce each effort.

Marketing Intelligence


With years of marketing experience and combined skill-sets, Cober is a powerhouse partner when it comes to marketing; from strategy to deployment. By using this experience and cutting edge tools, we can effectively deploy many aspects of a coordinated marketing campaign.

Already proven with many of our clients, we have found that our long term relationships and client experiences led us to become very effective when integrating new innovative marketing services.

Conversely, we pride ourselves on our ability to explore and learn about businesses. We engrain ourselves into their products and business models, to build a strategy that ties into all aspects of our clients’ brands, tones and philosophy.


Cober has the in-house knowledge and expertise to help our clients create, develop and execute a marketing blueprint. Whether it’s for corporate marketing, specific campaigns or tactical execution, our ability to understand the needs of our clients, combined with our out-of-the-box strategizing, makes us the very best at strengthening brand positioning and innovative marketing.

We deliver highly targeted campaigns with measurable results that combine
one-to-one marketing strategies across multiple channels. Our goal is to help you reach your target at the right time, through the right mediums and with the right message. Loud & clear.

  • Brand Management
  • Communications Planning
  • Strategic Positioning/Repositioning
  • Website strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Print Management
  • Product Testing & Evaluating

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